Fail compilation

Fail Compilation of the Week: April 2013 Edition [Video]
There are so many fail video's on the internet and it's kinda hard trying to keep up, but thankfully we have fail compilations to help us catch up!
I wanna thank you again silly people of the world. Your poor decisions in front of a camera brings us endless entertainment.
Fail Compilation of October [Video]
If you missed any good fail videos from October watch this compilation to get caught up on the stupidity.
In this October compilation I'm pretty sure a few people died. Especially the guy playing on a swing near a cliff. I'm 97 percent sure he is  totally dead...
Fail Compilation Of May 2012 [Video]
Catch up on some of the best fails of May with this compilation of awesomeness!
The funniest thing that can happen is when somebody gets hurt and it's be proven time and time again. That's why fails are so popular.
Fail Compilation November 2011 [Video]
Hands down Twistednederland8 delivers internet gold at the end of each month with his Fail compilations.
It has to be some sort of talent to be able to comb the internet this good and find great fail videos every month! Trust me. I do a lot of looking and a lot goes under my nose but this guy never m…
Fail Compilation October 2011 [Video]
Not that Halloween month is over we can sit back and look at the most brightest individuals in the world fail horribly.
I'll be honest fail video compilations are what I look forward too at the end of the month! Who doesn't like fail videos? That's like saying you don't like Ice cream, and everybody …