A Florida Student Attempts a Dunk From a Video Game and Fails
Video games do not have to be violent to cause harm to kids.  Sports games may need to be screened or the teens who try to attempt almost impossible moves.  A Florida student attempted a dunk from a video game and failed.  It is kind of funny but more so something that will leave you …
Painful Freerunning Fails [Video]
Freerunning or Parkour has been getting more and more popular, the only problem with that is you end up with a handful of idiots trying this sport out. With hilariously painful results!
Short Guy Tries To Jump Over Car And Fails Hard [Video]
A guy of moderate height makes an attempt to jump over a car and ends up killing his self, I think.
Let this be a valuable lesson to those who want to try and do this. You need a few key ingredients to be successful at jumping really high and this guy has none of those.

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