Sprinter Snaps his Knee Backwards [Video]
All sports are dangerous even track and field events and this dude snaps his knee backwards and collapses before he hits the finish line.
I warn you. If you can handle watching the human body bend in the wrong direction then this may be hard to watch. If not enjoy!
Bouquet Wedding Toss Fail [Video]
I thought this was pretty epic...when I was shooting it I thought she dove for it but now it's pretty obvious that she tripped haha..
At a wedding in Niagara Falls, Canada this weekend.   She went from being so close to holding that hopeful bouquet to winding up on the floor, flowerless.
Nothing Says Summer More Than a Supercut of Slip ‘N Slide Fails
It’s the first day of summer and temperatures are expected to reach triple digits over the next few days, at least in some parts of the country. So, in that spirit, we present an awesome compilation of Slip ‘N Slide fails that’s guaranteed to beat the heat courtesy of the folks at …
Fat Kid Parkour [Video]
Parkour is the art of escape which has been mastered by gymnast's and super athletes all over the world, unlike this fat kid.
Parkour is a very physically demanding art. You have to at least have some experience is running. Which is a skill this kid lacks.
Club 93.7 Bowling FAIL – Last Night At Grand Blanc Lanes [Video]
Every Thursday Night is we bowl at Grand Blanc Lanes for the Club 93-7 Bowling League. Well last night was a little crazy. We call out bowlers the entire night to win prizes. Watch as one Club 93.7 FAILS under pressure during our Bowling League on Thursday Night at Grand Blanc Lanes.
There is still t…
Runway Model Fail [Video]
Models are silly creatures, only a model would try and walk down a runway in shoes they can't properly walk in.
Who said this was a good idea? "Can you walk in those shoes? No. Perfect!"
You can call this girls modeling career over. If all you need to do for a job is walk in a s…
Pinata Baseball Fail [Video]
What happens when you decide to take the Pinata and play a game of baseball with a random stick and a guy with a weak grip?
Well the outcome is very obvious. A lot of Fail videos as of late have been hit or miss for me. Do you think Fail videos are getting a little dull?
Fail Compilation November 2011 [Video]
Hands down Twistednederland8 delivers internet gold at the end of each month with his Fail compilations.
It has to be some sort of talent to be able to comb the internet this good and find great fail videos every month! Trust me. I do a lot of looking and a lot goes under my nose but this guy never m…
Fail Compilation October 2011 [Video]
Not that Halloween month is over we can sit back and look at the most brightest individuals in the world fail horribly.
I'll be honest fail video compilations are what I look forward too at the end of the month! Who doesn't like fail videos? That's like saying you don't like Ice cream, and everybody …

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