Table Jump Fail [Video]
Some over zealous kid thinks he has the skills to jump on a single leg table without knocking it over, he was so wrong.
We all make bad choices in life but this kid probably made the worst one ever!
Now fail videos are funny when people get hurt, but it's even more funny when people get permanent…
Fail Compilation September 2011 [Video]
If you missed out on some of the Fails from September don't worry all the best are wrapped up in this clip.
Love skate board accidents? Got em! Love car accidents? Got em? Love random feat of gymnastic talent that end in a horrible crash? got em!
And of course we have your drunks doing random stu…
Huge Tire Crushed The Dumbest Man Alive [Video]
Why anyone would allow their crotch to be destroyed by a tire from an 18-wheeler is beyond me.
This guys starts off the video by saying, "this is the most extreme thing I've ever done."
I would like to correct him by saying that this is the dumbest, yet smartest, thing he has ev…
Bikini Model Falls On Butt [Video]
Bikini models are usually good at one thing, looking great in bikinis.  They should not be asked to do much else.
So when the photographer decides to take the shoot out of the hot tub, someone should be there to assist the bikini girls.  I mean, who could possibly expect these professionals to make i…
Bmx Rider Gets Worst Faceplant Ever Award [Video]
A BMX rider jumps and goes for a trick and ends up landing in the worst possible way, on his face. See this is why I don't touch Rollerblades or Scooters, they're just way to dangerous. And more than likely I'm gonna want to try a trick, and when I do I'm gonna break my collar bone.
The way this kid …
Scooter Jump Fail [Video]
So I have officially put scooters into my don't touch list after this kid breaks his face. But hey, here's the flip side of that whats funnier than watching your best friend scrap his face all over the concrete? Nothing!
Just make sure you don't try anything stupid like this. If you do…
Lacrosse Player Gets Kicked In The Groin [Video]
Remember the good old days, when a video of someone getting hit in the junk was worth something?
Ed McMahon would bring you on stage, show the clip and America would vote together to give you $100,000!  You were a celebrity!
Now you can't even get 20,000 views on Youtube.  Even though the dollar value…
Thug Life Fail – Funny As Hell [Video]
This is exactly why the world is the way it is, because of stupid kids like this. I assume he's a huge fan of Jersey Shore, why else would he have a bottle of hair gel sitting next to him? Evidently someone "Disrespected" him probably at the movies to see Lion King 3D or at the skating rin…
Top 5 Worst Rappers Of Now: Voted By You
The Worst rappers of now -- voted by you! The results are in and we are counting down the top five worst rappers. This poll will hopefully led to a petition and eventually passing a law that will prevent these lame-ass rappers from ever touching a mic
Monkey Bar Dismount Fail [Video]
This guys show us all how to properly swing on the Monkey Bars. Now we all now how dangerous the Playground can be. That's why when I have kids I'm gonna let them loose on the playground, as punishment.
There will be no time out, no belt, no slapping. Just the Playground. Didn't do your homework? Pla…
Girls Are Not Good Bike Riders [Video]
Remember when you were young and out riding your bike with a few friends? There was that one time that you tried to do something you knew you couldn't and you flipped over the front of your handlebars.
The bad news was that you probably hurt yourself, and still had to ride the stupid bike all the way…
Fail Compilation August 2011 [Video]
The best thing about August coming to an end is another Fail Compilation! SO if you haven't really kept up with whats been going on in the digital world last month, don't worry we've got your back.
The world would be a sad place without dumb people. Ask yourself where would the internet be without id…

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