TV Thief Fail [Video]
This guy shows you how NOT to steal a tv. Now I'm not an expert on stealing things, but I'm pretty sure it can't be that complicated.This guy on the other hand didn't really take his time on this one.
I love fail video's. Fail videos never fail to show how stupid people reall…
Urinal Diving [Video]
A $60 bet goes a lil too far when the bet is to dive into a urinal! Well It's not that bad. It's almost like a Slip N Slide! Just instead of water you use urine! OK that's kinda gross.
People will do anything for money. This is the perfect example...
Fail Compilation of July 2011 [Video]
All the top viewed fail videos in July have been squeezed together for your enjoyment! Keeping up with idiots is hard, I should know. That's why these Compilations are my favorites because really there's so much dumb sh$t going on in the world it's hard to keep up.
Guy Rapping Passes Out From Smoking A Blunt [Video]
A Guy in his room rapping take too big of a puff from his blunt and passes out. I love this video! This proves that weed ca be dangerous! What would have happened if he was on a ladder underneath a basket full of kittens? I don't want to imagine that, but I think it would be similar to stepping on a…
Tree Hugger Fail [Video]
A tree hugger tries to reach out and embrace a really tall tree only to come up short. Finally some justice around here! I'm so sick and tired of you tree hugging sissy's! I wish every protest would end like this. Hey quick note, those signs that your carrying around that say " Sa…
Shortest Police Chase Ever [Video]
I would never recommend running from the police in any situation, but this time was I may just turn a blind eye.
What else should you do? Get a ticket from doing wheelies in the the street? Or CRANK THAT MOTHERF$#KING BIKE TO 11 AND BURN RUBBER!!! Well the guy in this clip decided to go with the seco…
Breakdancer Tries Backflip and Lands on Head [Video]
America's best dance crew has nothing on these two eager dancers. With moves like this how can you no impress.
So how can this video be a fail? Well lets just say somebody tried way to hard to shock the crowd and guess what, he succeeded.
Backflip Fail [Video]
This video just proves why you should never try gymnastics on concrete. I would be scared enough to hit a back flip into a pool full of cotton candy, but just straight up on pavement? Are you crazy or just stupid?
From the looks of this video I think this kid has more confidence that actual physical …
Girl Falls Flat on Her Face at Graduation [Video]
This chick was excited that she graduated. So excited that she decided to show the world her graduation dance. Well that didn't work out so well. She takes a hilarious dive to the ground. It was loud! Well that was something to wake the crowd up with! Graduation are normally boring... not this …
Two Overweight Women Ride the ‘Wheelchair Train’ [VIDEO]
Whats sexier than one big woman so physically overweight that she can't even walk? Two very overweight women riding in wheelchairs! Oh wait I'm not done yet. What's the most lazy thing you could do if your overweight and in a wheel chair? Just watch this video and find out.
Rollerblading Down A Slide Ends Bad [Video]
Rollerblading hasn't been cool in America in at least 10 years.  Rollerblading down a slide hasn't been cool ever!  Especially when when you don't make it more than 6 inches before bashing your face on the slide.  Watch this guy make the worst decision that he's ma…
Magician Gets Dragged By Car After Bad Trick [Video]
have a very hard job nowadays.  On top of always having to convince people they aren't gay, they have to come up with new and innovative tricks.  Names like Houdini, Copperfield and Blaine have set the bar pretty high.  Watch what happens when this wanna-be magician decides to sh…

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