Two 73 Year Old CFL Legends Start Fighting [Video]
Silly Canadian's, football is for America, but DAMN! These two 73-year old former CFL players, Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca got into a fight. They exchanged cane blows, punches, bull rush moves and more at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver on Friday, Nov. 25, just two days before the …
Security Guard Vs Thug Street Brawl [Video]
A random street brawl between a Security Guard and a street thug breaks out! Luckily someone pulled out their camcorder to catch the fight.
So the two guys where arguing about which mythological god was the coolest in "The Immortals" and their disagreement got heated. When the fight starts …
Inmate Fight Ends With A Taser [Video]
I am scared to death to ever step foot inside of a jail cell, and this video reinforces that.
What looks like a group of guys talking and sobering up, turns into an all out brawl with a sprinkle of tasering!
Road Rage Fight Ends With A Hand Shake [Video]
It seems  like two drivers fighting for no good reason outside of their cars is an everyday thing now.
What sets this fight apart is the ending!
These two men brawl for a long time, with a ton of cheap shots sprinkled in.  Just when you think the fight is about to flare up again, something a…
Five Girls Fighting Outside Of A Bar, That’s All [Video]
Video cameras built into cell phones are the single greatest invention of our time!
How else would we be able to enjoy this 5 girl fight outside of a Houston nightclub 'PBR"?
The fight video involves just about everything, including a vertically challenged bald man.  The p…
New Footage Of The New Boyz And Hamilton Park Fight [Video]
New Boyz get into a fight with Hamilton Park which results in New Boyz getting kicked from the Scream Tour. And all this started over a little beef over twitter.
Now this footage was released once before, but was quickly banned. Now that the video is up and running again we can see who actually won t…
Waffle House Fight In Tuscaloosa [Video]
My mom used to say that nothing good happens after 2am, she must have been talking about Waffle Houses.
This video is all but impossible to explain because there is so much going on all at once.
The only thing that stays consistent throughout the entire video is the annoying commentators use of the wo…
Jim Schwartz (Lions) vs Jim Harbaugh (49ers) Skirmish [Video]
The Detroit Lions just suffered their first loss of the season to the San Francisco 49er's and things got a little outta hand after the game. Niners coach Jim Harbaugh greeted Lions head coach Jim Schwartz at mid-field with an "Expletive". Schwartz then chased after Harbaugh a…
Girl Jumps Subway Booth And Fights Cop [Police]
You know that feeling when you are standing in front of a subway turn style, and you think "I could just jump over this and not pay."
Before you act on that impulse make sure you watch the video, because it doesn't work.  EVER!
The four girls that tried to jump were caught …
Waka Flocka Fights At A Charity Bowling Event [Video]
Waka Flocka Flames was at his charity bowling event for only a couple of minutes when a man started a fight with him.
Waka Flocka had hoped to kick off his "Homes For The Holidays" program with a successful event.  What he got instead, was a fist full of "mad-rapper" from a former…
Floyd Mayweather’s Cheap Shot [Video]
Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz were in a fight over the weekend.  Unless you had an extra $70 in your pocket you probably missed the cheap shots.
The first was by Ortiz, then the fight ended on the second from Mayweather.  The third happened as Larry Merchant got into it with "Pretty Boy Floy…

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