Game Beats Up 40 Glocc [Video]
The Game gets into a fight with rapper 40 Glocc or another way you could say it is that The Game beat up 40 Glocc and he ran away.
Time and time again Game proves that if you have the nerve to talk sideways to him you better be ready to fight, in this case 40 Glocc was not.
Teacher Stops A Classroom Fight Like A Boss [Video]
Teachers are in a tough position in today's classrooms, especially when a student or two decides to act up.
Without being able to do anything physically to the students, this teacher uses something that I call the "Sam Jackson" effect.  And it works out perfectly.
Girl Fight On The Subway Has A Surprise Ending [Video]
There is nothing normal about two women fighting on the subway in NYC, but when it does happen there's usually someone with a camera handy.
While these two girls are fighting you might notice something that stands out just a little bit, but you have to look really close so you don't miss it…
Parents Fight At A Preschool Graduation [Video]
Preschool graduation should be a fairly simple event, but the video below shows mothers throwing punches and cussing during the graduation ceremony.
Why were the women fighting?  It was over a cap and gown that had to be shared between kids.
Chris Brown Gets Cut In A Bar Brawl With Drake [Pics]
Rumors are flying around right now about a fight involving Drake and Chris Brown inside a NYC nightclub last night.
So far details are sketchy, and aside from a few tweets by Chris Brown (that he later deleted) and a picture of him with a cut on his chin, nobody can even confirm it happened.
Check out…
Hockey Mom Gets On The Ice To Break Up Fights [Video]
The one thing that parents will never fully grasp is that youth sports are primarily meant for the kids.
The best thing a parent can do at any youth sporting event is watch and cheer . . . or run out onto the ice to give everyone a piece of their mind.  It's definitely one of those two thou…

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