Number Of Americans Who Can’t Afford Food Is Growing
Everyone knows that money is tighter now than ever, but its still surprising to see the results of a new survey about buying food.
Over 18 percent of Americans can name at least one instance in the past 12 months where they couldn't afford to buy food.
B-Ray’s Must Have: Edible Food Spray Paint
Don't feel like seasoning your food? Perfect, me neither! Grab a can of edible spray paint and paint that turkey in delicious gold. This is definitely a Must Have.
I say delicious gold because I don't know what flavor it is. The website is in either German or Russian which makes a lot of se…
The Brief Jerky Underwear; Enjoy [Photo]
Would you eat these? Dried meat makes these edible Paleo panties a tasty treat.  This valentines day give your significant other a truly unique gift.
100% edible and 100% meat, they are so easy to make a cavemen could do it!
What Are Chicken Nuggets Really Made Of?
Normally that would be a easy question to answer. Chicken nuggets are made out of chicken, right? Well yes but the process is just nasty.
Let's just say that your eating trash. Washed with ammonia.
Epic Meal Time’s ‘Brunch Of Booze’ [Video]
If you've been sleeping under a rock or haven't paid the internet bill, then I introduce you to Epic Meal Time. These crazy dude buy a bunch of food and cook it together into on giant calorie bomb! Yesterday's episode is called 'Brunch Of Booze' and believe me they don't dissapoint and yes there is …
Learn How To Make The Buffalo Chicken Shake [Video]
I'm not going to lie, when I say the words 'Buffalo Chicken Shake' -- do you go yummy? Not content with good ‘ol fashioned chicken dipped in hot sauce, a chef put on his culinary mad scientist cap and took the flavors of blue cheese and hot sauce and turned them into a milk shake.
To finish it off,…

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