Manti Te’o Catfish Commercial
If you are a College football fan then Manti Te'o is already a household nAME.
But unfortunately he is in the news now for something else that is a little harder to explain than football.
Teo was known as a great athlete that plated under the hardest circumstances.
Football Player Gives Up Touchdown for Grieving Teammate
So this video might not make you cry, but the story probably will. Michael Ferns, a senior at St. Clairsville High in Clairsville, OH, gave up a touchdown one yard from the end zone so that his teammate, Logan Thompson, whose father died two days before, could score instead.
Best PeeWee Football Play Ever [Video]
If there is one thing you can count on in youth sports, it's that things never go quite as expected.  Check out this unbelievable game winning play in 5th grade football.
Flo Rida ‘Whistle’ Parody Spoofs Replacement Refs
There is a consensus developing that if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't bring back the striking referees soon, folks are going to stop watching football because the replacement refs have been so stunningly horrible. However, we're pretty sure this isn't true. In fact, the awfulness of the sca…
The 5 Worst Officiating Mistakes of the 2012 NFL Season (So Far)
As you may have heard, hobos and miscreants are in charge of refereeing NFL games now! Or, rather, the NFL has decided to use high school referees as replacements while it negotiates with the actual referees' union, which has led to the occasional minor controversy. And while Monday's night's disast…

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