The Best Reaction Memes to the NFL Replacement Refs
Woah boy. Even if you could not give one fraction of an iota of a care about football, you probably still heard about the game last night (thanks, Facebook!). To deal, we just imagined old-timey Keystone Kops music playing underneath the whole thing. Thankfully other people dealt with the insanity b…
Matt Schaub Loses a Piece of His Ear on Illegal Hit [Video]
Matt Schaub Houston Texan's quarterback got pummeled with an illegal hit from Bronco's defender Joe Mays leaving him with a piece of his ear missing.
Football is dirty. Yes, but with hit's like this happening it's a miracle half of the guy's in the league aren'…
Tim Tebow Should Stick to Quarterback
Over the weekend, the New York Jets decided to use their much talked about backup quarterback Tim Tebow in a couple of offensive plays. One of the plays was an easy swing pass where Tebow could make the catch out in the flat and hopefully find some room to run. An immaculate reception it was not.
Watch David Akers Kick a History Making Field Goal
There aren't too many times that a NFL team will attempt a 63-yard field goal, since missing the difficult kick will result in great field position for the opposing team.
But with only seconds left in the first half in their game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers didn't ha…
Drunk Saskatchewan Football Fan Passes Out While Dancing [Video]
In Canada you might think that it's only about the Hockey, but in Saskatchewan they take their 'Roughrider' football pretty serious too.
So serious in fact, that before every home game is a party while fans wait for the doors to open.
I don't think this guy is going to get in thoug…
8 Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows [VIDEOS]
During Sunday’s Super Bowl, Madonna will take center stage for the halftime show. She’s working with the famous acrobat troupe Cirque du Soleil on a concept for the gig, but only time will tell if it’ll fly — or flop.
With that in mind, let’s revisit some of the more mem…

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