Youth Football Teams Have A Pre-game Dance Off [Video]
Two Chicago area youth football teams were getting ready for their game with the usual routine of stretching, until the refs didn't show up on time.  That's when the dance off started.
The teams are made up of mostly 11 and 12 year old kids, and both teams were ready to play.  Once the coaches realiz…
Michigan State Makes It Four In A Row Over Michigan [Video]
The Spartans of Michigan State celebrated their fourth straight win in the backyard rivalry game against Michigan after a 28-14 win.
As the Spartans walked across the field with the 'Paul Bunyon Trophy', many of them celebrated a clean sweep.  The players that came in as freshmen have never lost to t…
Streaker Gets Owned At A High School Football Game [Video]
Streaking at a sporting event is never a good idea.  Streaking at a high school football game is a "turrible" (Charles Barkley Voice).
Streakers never cease to amaze me, because it seems like you should have a couple of things before you streak.
Foot speed is one of the main thi…
Youth Football Star Told Not To Score Too Many Touchdowns [Video]
Demias Jimerson was asked by his schools principal to limit his touchdowns to three per game.
Sounds crazy right?  Why in the world would anyone want to limit how well a young athlete can do?
The problem is the fact that 11-year-old Jimerson could score every time he touches the ball.  This isn't the …
Lions Matt Stafford Is Mic’d Up [Video]
Detroit Lions Quarterback Matt Stafford is healthy this year, and that's a big reason the Lions are 2-0.
Lions fans all over Michigan are slowly buying into the reality that we could have a very good football team this year. It's been so long that we have had something to cheer about, that we are all…
Giants Michael Boley Celebrates TD By Throwing Ball At A Guys Head [Video]
New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley picked up a loose ball and scored a touch down in last night Monday Night Football Game on ESPN.
Boley usually doesnt get to score that much so it's understandable that he wouldn't have his TD celebration planned out.  So instead of some song and dance, Boley …
Powder Puff Foot-Brawl [Video]
First off I would like to say if this happened more often in female sports it would make it much easier to watch! I'm not sure where this Powder Puff "Flag" football game takes place and to be honest I don't really care. Whenever girls get together and start throwing bows it's always enter…
Youth Football Is Entertaining [Videos]
Youth, Pee Wee, Pop Warner are names that are all synonymous with entertainment.  It's amazing that any of these kids actually grow up wanting to play football after watching what they go through on the youth field.  Everything from fanatical parents to over-hype coaches, and that one kid who is way…
Hines Ward Gets Pulled Over With Lady Friend
Pittsburgh Steeler's Wide Receiver and Dancing With The Stars' Contestant Hines Ward was pulled over while riding passenger with a lady friend earlier this morning. Police said they had received a call that the Honda Civic they were rolling in was reported stolen earlier.
No NFL Means More Lingerie Bowl!
Whoever runs the Lingerie Football League...if I can even call it that. Says if there is no NFL season this year that the Lingerie Bowl will play on Sunday's!! As much as I'd like to see half naked TRY and play football on Sunday's, I have no intrest in playing Madden 2012 Lingerie Ed…

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