Chris Brown Freestyles With Funk Master Flex [Video]
Chris Brown's alter ego "Breezy" spits a freestyle on Funk Master Flex's show. Now to be honest I don't think he wrote this, i think Lil Wayne owed him a favor and wrote it for him. Either way this sounds better than most things he's attempted to rap on.
Freestyle Friday [VIDEO]
I figured it's Friday, what better then some of the best Freestyles? When I was originally searching through these I wasn't going to put up Wiz Khalifa because I don't really mess with Wiz like that that, but damn he rips this Freestyle with Funkmaster Flex.Check out some of the best free's on Funk …
Chiddy Breaks Guinness World Freestyle Record [VIDEO]
My man Chiddy from Chiddy Bang who was here for our 810 Local Show last year broke the Guinnes World Fresstyle Record by rapping for over 9 hours STRAIGHT!!! I can't even put 3 bars together let alone rap for 9 hours...check out the record breaking performance in Las Vegas!
The Next Up and Coming Rappers! [VIDEO]
Drake, J.Cole, Jon Connor, Yelawolf...they got nothing on James "The Grey Ghost" and Yoni. Lifestyles Radio somehow got the Top 2 up and coming rappers to battle it out, not sure how they made this happen? I heard they charge like 20G's just to do a show! Check out The Grey Ghost murder th…
Lil Wayne’s “Green & Yellow” Freestyle
**This Song Contains Strong Language. Listen At Your Own Discretion**
Lil Wayne is getting into the Super Bowl by dropping his "Green & Yellow" Freestyle.  Weezy kind of made the Super Bowl and little more interesting.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.
George Can Rap Faster Than You
His name is George, he has a cat named Chaplin and he can rap really fast. There, now we both have the same amount of knowledge about George Watsky.  Wait, there is one more thing . . . He raps faster than just about anyone you can think of.  Don't think that George has it in him?&nb…