Is That A Chair In Your Pocket? [VIDEO]
Is that a chair in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? LOL I know it's stupid, but last/this morning I saw this infomercial for the "Pocket Chair" oh yeah it's real!!! Aren't infomercials the best? Just watch this tool Adam Jay try to sell the Pocket Chair a…
Weird Al Has A Lady Gaga Parody [VIDEO]
Weird Al Yagh'aoihe (or how ever the hell you spell it) is known for some great parody songs of Coolio, Micheal Jackson and more, but Lady Gaga isn't having it! Gaga said NO to a parody of her hit "Born This Way"...Good news, I have it!! Take a listen
Redneck Randal Meme [Pics]
Redneck Randall proves once again, that there's nothing I love more than a good meme.
Wait, you still don't know what a meme is?  Let's put it like this . . . imagine a moment in time where you looked stupid, frozen forever.  Then imagine that moment turned into a picture unleashed onto the Internet …
Tornado Took My Hamburger [VIDEO]
The News always seems to find the best people to interview when something bad has happened and this is the case in Jackson, MS. A tornado had just made it's way through the town and WAPT News 16 was first on the scene to talk with Eric Hubbard. Watch the interview to see what he lost LOL
Keenan Cahill And The S.F. Giants [VIDEO]
Keenan is back with another great music video, this time it's with some of the MLB players from the S.F. Giants. This time it's to Taio Cruz "Dynamite". I love this kid and if he was for sale I'd try to buy him!! See the video here.
Guy Passes Out On Slingshot Ride [Video]
Passing out is never fun, especially if you wake up hundreds of feet in the air strapped into the Slingshot!  That's exactly what happened to Luis after he convinced his niece to take a ride.  Check it out.
Scream 4 Blind Movie Review [VIDEO]
The Blind Film Critic is back critiquing movies and this time it's Scream 4. I haven't spent my girlfriends money yet to see what it's all about, but I'm sure it's like the other 3...people run, talk on phones and die! Check out the Scream 4 movie review and decide if you wa…
Drake And Nicki Interview Each Other [VIDEO]
Sway was supposed to sit down with Nicki Minaj and Drake in New Orleans at the I am Still Music Tour II, but we all know Sway doesn't do s*** so Drake took over the interview and it's actually way better than anything Sway has ever done (besides his hair) Watch Drake ask the tough, hard hi…
Dancing Rollerblader Is Getting Paper [Video]
Dancing and Rollerblading are two very acceptable activities when done separately.  When a slightly overweight, middle aged man decides to combine the two with the help of Chris Brown, it's no longer acceptable . . . . IT'S AWESOME.
Baby Gets Head Cut Off [VIDEO]
Before you get ahead of a Baby Was Not Hurt In The Making Of This Cake, it's not a real baby losing it's head! It's a cake that looks like a baby who's getting it's head cut off lol I'd eat it!

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