Drake And Nas In New Funny Or Die [VIDEOS]
Both of these videos are too damn funny! This is the second comedy video I've seen Drake in and he does well. Nas I wouldn't expect this from, but his video is hilarious!! Watch both Funny or Die videos here!
Pool Backflip FAIL [Video]
This kid should be in the Olympics!!! If every diver would just copy this routine. I guarantee that the Olympics  ratings would sky rocket!!!!
Best Kiss Cam Ever!
Leave it to a Canadian to finally pull off the best "Kiss Cam" in the history of Kiss Cam'ing. Of course it's at a hockey game so people are already bored...who can blame they guy for trying to spice things up a bit? Well done sir, well done.
Ian And Jeff Try Embarrassing A Listener [VIDEO]
Jeff and I were out live in Flint last week and had a Club listener ask how he could get a T-Shirt. So Jeff being quick on feet like always told the kid he would have to do something "Special" to get his shirt...See what we made this poor kid do!
Will Ferrell The New Boss On The Office [VIDEO]
Last night Will Ferrell made his first appearance on NBC's "The Office" as the new boss. If you missed it or for some reason still live in 97' and don't have a DVR here are a couple clips from last night's show! Ferrell is scheduled to make his last appearance i…
Family Guy Comic Coming Soon!
The BEST animated series in the history of TV is coming out with a comic! The comic book will follow the Griffin's on a bunch of different crazy story lines and yes some of your other favorites like Cleveland and Quagmire will make appearances in the new Family Guy Comic. Look for the first to …
Worst April Fools Prank Ever!! [VIDEO]
I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say this guy is probably now single after pulling a stunt like this on his girl! I don't get April Fools day and well to be honest I think if you fall for something on April 1st you deserve it! So really it's her own damn fault LOL...Would you …
Going #1 In The Shower Results! [VIDEO]
Talk about being surprised...Last week I asked the question "Is it okay to pee in the shower?" Out of 51 comments 48 people said Yes or THEY DO go #1 in the shower!! Glad to know I'm not the only NOT using my toilet!! Check out this tutorial of "How To #1 In Public&am…
The Hangover Part 2 Trailer [Video]
The Hangover Part 2 finally has an official trailer.  The story line is basically exactly the same, but at the end of the day does that really matter?  Check it out.
Black Eyed Peas Poop [VIDEO]
I have no idea why I'm posting this...maybe just to meet my quota for the day, but you know the book for kids "Everybody Poops" Well here is the Black Eyed Peas Remix BayBee!!

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