How To Tell How Pretty A White Woman Is [VIDEO]
This is the first time I've caught Patrice O'Neal doing stand-up and I must say...I truly enjoy it! Watch a short clip of Patrice O'Neals special on Comedy Central called "Elephant In The Room" and what he says about white women
Bill Cosby’s Huxtable Dubstep [Video]
When Heathcliff, Theo, Denise, Rudy and the rest of the Huxtables were doing this they had no idea about the internet.  How could they know that one of the best TV intro's ever could be made even better!  Check it out for yourself.
Lap Giraffe’s Are The New “IT” Thing [Video]
Let's face it, anyone who is anyone needs their very own mini-giraffe.  They're cute, they give kisses and they are way more manly than a pit-bull.  Still not convinced?  Watch the video below and I DARE you not to buy one.
Chris Brown Gets The Taiwanese Treatment
Chris Browns GMA blowup is the latest story for Taiwan's Next Media Animation to cover.  I love these because they don't focus on silly things like "facts" or "details".  They just tell the story how they want to, and that's whats importan…
Move Like Bernie! [VIDEO]
I know you remember the movie "Weekend At Bernie's" I just found out that there is a dance to it??? Where have I this 4 year old kid Move Like Bernie!
And You Thought You Were A Bad Parent! [VIDEO]
If you need a good laugh or someone once said you were a bad parent, please go to and you'll realize you probaly aren't that bad! See the front runner for worst parent EVER!!! God I'm glad I don't have kids
Supermarket Fails [Pics]
My first real job job that I showed up regularly to was at a supermarket, so these fails hit close to home.  In fact I can't help but think that some of these were done on purpose for the amusement of some disgruntled bag boy.  Check them out.
Let’s See If Ian Makes Conan Tonight? [VIDEO]
I'm a HUGE fan of Conan and I record ever episode because I'm working until midnight. Just a few days ago Conan put out a challenge to all his viewers and said if you find any error's on his show, to make a video post and he's put them on the show. So last night I caught one and …
Teach Me How To Brady [VIDEO]
This is just way to embarrassing, but I had to post the video! This more than shows that "White Guys" (not all) can't dance. Even though I love Tom Brady because he's a Wolverine...that is still no excuse for this nonsense!! Check out the video

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