Miguel Cabrera Has A Meme
It was only a matter of time; Meme's know no boundaries, no fame, no shame.  Meme's know one thing, find a funny picture and make fun of it.  Thanks to the fine folks at With Leather for this.
Naked Sledding! [VIDEO]
Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks this is the video! They do this every year in the UK. If I can get enough positive feedback, tomorrow night we will go naked sledding on Night Club 937...are you down? Check out the video
Sororities Brawl At Michigan [Video]
I have no clue who The Alpha Phi and Tri-Delt sororities at Michigan are, but anytime a bunch of chicks fight and it's on video...I'm entertained!!! They were playing a game of broomball (which sounds/looks boring) at Winterfest and then all hells breaks loose...check out the girls go at i…
Star Wars Toys Make Great Pets [VIDEO]
If you like me and a big Star Wars geek (go figure, the web guy a geek,) then you wish might wish that you could have an At-At as a pet like in this video. Don't miss Jaba the Poo @ 0:42!
Real Life Mario Kart [Video]
It's funny that just last week I posted my Top 5 all-time favorite video games and now someone has put out a real life Mario Kart!! This video is great, the graphics and special effects are off the chain!! I would've went with Koopa Troopa, but that's just me...check it out
7 Public Marriage Proposals Gone Terribly Wrong [VIDEOS]
Public marriage proposals: The worst or THE WORST? If you're a girlfriend and you're afraid your beau is so clueless and stupid and crass and terrible that he'd arrange for one of these trashy public sports proposals, have him watch these rejections and maybe he'll get the messag…
Not A Great Name To Have [Video]
We all had fun prank calling stores when we were kids and saying stupid names, but in this was really his name!! Fort Wayne is mostly opposed to naming a new government building after the popular former mayor ... due to the suggestive pronunciation of his name. Check out the video and ho…
Eminem Super Bowl Outtakes [Video]
As you all have seen by now, Eminem was is two Super Bowl Ad's on Sunday. One for Lipton Ice Tea and the Chrystler 200 Ad everyone seems to be talking about! I fell like they should have just used the outtakes from the Lipton commercial and it may have been the BEST!! Check it out..
Funny News Bloopers
If you are anything like me...well then you are a little over weight and have a huge red beard!! Anyways, I can't get enough of people messing up on live TV. Check out some of these bloopers and feel free to leave a comment or link to some or your favs...

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