girl fight

Drunk Girl Gets Beat Up for Talking Trash to Random Strangers [Video]
A drunk girl walks around filming and talking trash to random people and ends up getting her ass beat.
The ass whooping she got in this video didn't come quick enough. I got 30 seconds into this video and was ready to strangle this chick myself. Thankfully one of the girls she was talking trash …
Woman Beats Up 3 Chicks On Talk Show [Video]
This woman mops the floor with 3 other chicks and she fights all sizes, small , big, even somewhere in the middle.
Nothing is more attractive than a woman than can fight better than a man. Screw Victoria secret, give me a chick with a key grip and a nice 1-2 combo.
Girls Soccer Game Ends With A Fight And Assault Charges [Video]
Fans were treated to more than just an exciting girls soccer game in South Carolina last week.
The action got started as one player tripped another on their way to the ball.  The girl who was tripped immediately got to her feet and proceeded to beat the daylight out of the other girl.
Trey Songz Breaks Up A Girl Fight [Video]
A group of girls fighting over Trey Songz is not that hard to believe, in fact it's almost expected.  I'm still shocked by what happened to Trey last week in New York when he was on a dinner date.
The story starts with Trey and a lady friend eating at the Juliet Supper Club, and ends with an all out …