Grand Theft auto

Grand Theft Auto-Crazy Chick [Video,NSFW]
As men we have all met that crazy chick. The odd part is everyone around us told you she was crazy but you never listened until it was too late. Looks can be deceiving and the prettier she is the more the men will try to ignore her craziness.
Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Looks Awesome! [Video]
Grand Theft Auto is probably one of the most popular video games series of all time and their getting ready to drop part 5 to the series! And it looks amazing!
Being a gamer myself and have had played every single Grand Theft Auto game it's amazing to see how this game went from being a Top down…
New Grand Theft Auto V Debut Trailer [Video]
You don't have to be a video game fanatic to know about Grand Theft Auto v. Rockstar released the official trailer today and all I can say is damn!
If you've been living under a rock then you wouldn't know that GTA is probably one of the biggest brand names not just in video games but …