Grandma Kills the Wobble! [Video]
Grandma steps on the dance floor and shows these young ladies how to wobble!
Shout out to my senior citizens holding it down for there generation. The sad part about this article is that I'm sure that this little old lady can dance better than me.
Grandma Gets High For The First Time [Video]
Grandma has never been high before and today her family has decided to change that. The look on her face and her reaction is pretty funny when her family member decides to give her a shotgun.
I honestly believe she didn't even know what was happening, which makes this video way more hilarious.
Safe Sex For Seniors [Video]
Everyone has to practice safe sex even grandpa and grandma. STD's in seniors have raised 71% and last thing grandpa should be worried about is catching Chlamydia.
Now go and get granny and grandpa and sit them down so they can understand what safe sex is. But I warn you. Even thought the elderly…
86 Year Old Woman Does Gymnastics [Video]
A 86 year old woman gets on the center floor and is still flexible enough to put together a routine.
The sad part about this is that I think this old lady is more flexible/athletic than me. Which in turn slightly pissed me off.
I was waiting for her knee to give out or break her hip, but this old lady…

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