Grandma Makes Her Own Rihanna ‘Birthday Cake’ [Video]
You know how much I heart my Rihanna, but this Grandma just ruined that and everything I love about her. If this is you Granny you should be ashamed and probably schedule a visit to your local retirement center to put her in.
I didn't even laugh at this, I was more embarrassed. You can tell when some…
Grandma Raps ‘3-6 Mafia’ [Video,NSFW]
When you imagine your grandmother, you think of an older lady, that is wise, loving, and stern all at the same time. When your younger you think she is cool, and then right around the time you hit puberty you realize she's probably a crazy, old lady that wears ugly old sweaters.
Grandma Will Smash You In Call Of Duty [Video]
You may think your good in Call of Duty but Grandma will put you in your place! This old lady doesn't play around when it comes to Call of Duty!
This is one granny that I'm scared of. Who has a Desert eagle laying next to their xbox while their play a game? Granny does! And shes calling out all you w…
‘Slippery Stairs’ Is A Japanese Game Show [Video]
Only Japanese TV producers would find the true entertainment value in trying to walk up slippery stairs.
Japanese game shows have inspired shows like 'Wipeout' and everything that Nickelodeon did in the mid 90's.
I wonder what kind of release you have to sign before going on one of thes…
Naked Elderly Farmington Couple Caught Sexing In Parking Lot
This sounds like a Cialis or Viagra commercial gone completely wrong!
A 71 year old woman and a 54 year old man were caught naked, having sex in a parked car in Farmington Hills.
When the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed the Buick rocking gently and a major amount of condensation on the wind…
"Techno Granny" Shows Off Her Moves [VIDEO]
Street-performing techno dancers in Zagreb, Croatia were upstaged when a woman of a certain age joined in from the crowd. From there, she quickly proved that age really is just a number.
In fact, the woman, nicknamed “Techno Granny,” and her moves were so strong, she now has her own Faceb…
Grandma Got A Facebook [Video]
grandma has a facebook and she's using it to have sex with all your friends. How disturbing is that. I Think this video is pretty funny but it also brings up a pretty good question. How old is to old for facebook? I mean even John McCain has a facebook, and he's older than Maya Angelou; an…
Drunk Grandma At Hip Hop Pool Party [VIDEO]
The title pretty much sums it's a drunk Grandma at a Hip Hop Pool Party and she's trying to get bust with the two guys rapping! No this is not my grandma nor is she related to me in any way. Just because she's white and acting like a fool doesn't mean we are related LOL W…