Crazy Mom Fires Gunshot Near Her Young Daughter – Video
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Parents like this mom should be put in jail quickly.  A news camera caught a crazy mom firing a gun near her young daughter in a fight with her boyfriend.  What should be her punishment?
Guy Pulls Out a Gun In The Backseat of a Cop Car [Video]
A guy starts to pull out a handgun while in the backseat of a cop car, luckily he fumbles with it a few times and the officers notice.
This guy looks under the influence and the cops scored a break with this nut job. What would have happened if this guy would have been sober? We would probably be wat…
Print 3D Guns At Home [Video]
Cody R Wilson is a kid who figured out to print a lower AR-15 receiver from a 3D printer that anyone can own.  Which essentially means at any point in time you can order every thing you need to assemble a gun from the internet at home.
Cop School Guys Openly Carrying Guns [Video]
A couple of guys walk around with an AR style rifle and a handgun to try and get stopped by a cop in order to flex their rights, but end up getting schooled by the coolest cop I've ever seen.
I'm all for open carry and the possession of firearms. But it just seems like these guys are trying…
President Barack Obama’s Gun Legislation Proposals [Video]
President Barack Obama has laid out 23 executive actions that will have a drastic effect on the gun culture community.
The biggest and most controversial proposals are the ban of military style rifles and magazines that hold over 10 rounds.  This is without a doubt the most unpopular thing our p…

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