Two White Girls Go Blackface for Halloween and Tweet About it
It seems like Halloween brings out the worst in racist individuals because two white girls go black-face and tweet about it.  On Monday, I published the story of the Travyon Martin and Zimmerman blackface paint costumes but this takes things to another level.
Parents Eat Halloween Candy, Kids Cry. [Video]
Jimmy Kimmel had a stroke of genius when he asked parents to record themselves tricking their kids into thinking they ate all of the Halloween candy.
The instant look of terror, grief, anger and every other human emotion is priceless.
Some people might say this is mean, and they are right.
10yr Old Boy Pulls A Gun On A Old Lady Because Of Candy [Video]
A Old lady spots some young kids that she recognizes and jokes with them that she gonna take their candy, then the young boys reach into their backpack and pull a 9mm pistol.
There's so much to be said about this I don't think I can fit it all into this article. First off, after watching this video y…
Trick Or Treating Times For Genesee County
Halloween is here and it’s that time of year again to send the kids out for candy.  The best part that is that all of the times are for Monday, October 31st instead of splitting up days like in past years.  Check out the times below.
Top Five Creepy Jobs In Time For Halloween
Halloween creates many job opportunities for people that might last a couple of months. There is no shame in being an extra in a haunted house, but there's also no money in it either. Well if creepy is your thing, there are a few ways to do it all year round, and make good money doing it. Che…
18 Bizarre Homemade Halloween Costumes From Etsy [PICTURES]
Etsy, in case you don't know, is basically the craft fair/flea market of the internet. Millions of people come together to sell the unique things they've handcrafted to those wishing to have something unique in their lives. And like most craft fair/flea markets, it's got a lot of cool…
9 Things You Didn’t Know About Candy Corn
Every year, it hides in some dark, dank corner of even the most raucous Halloween party, waiting for some unknowing fool to stick their hand in its clutches of doom. It entices its prey with colorful designs and the promise of sweet joy, only to fill its victims with a familiar sense of bland, flavo…
Awesome Pumpkins Are Awesome [Pics]
I personally can't stand carving pumpkins for Halloween.
I don't like the feeling of the insides, not to mention the seeds are nasty.
Before the carving experience is over I will definitely cut a little to far, making a very important part of my design fall to the floor.
I don't like doi…

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