Paralyzed Woman Finishes Marathon [Video]
With the assistance of a device called Re-Walk a woman finished a 26.2 mile marathon. The crazy part is that she is paralyzed from the chest down.
She was able to do this by walking 2 miles a day and completed a task over the course of 16 days. Talk about courage...
Paraplegic Woman Goes Bungee Jumping [Video]
Never let anything get in the way of something you always wanted to do and this wheel chair bound woman shows you exactly how to do that by Bungee jumping!
How awesome is this! I walk perfectly fine but I'm to much of a punk to even think about bungee jumping...
MC CrippleWithSwag – My Vagina Ain’t Handicapped [Video]
MC CripplewithSwag yes that her real nickname, want's you to know that her vagina ain't handicapped. You don't how badly I did NOT want to say that. Now I don't have anything against this girl or what ever hobby she decides to indulge in, but COME ON MAN!!!