High School

Charter School Requires Pregnancy Tests, Bans Pregnant Teens
A Delhi Charter school in Louisiana has put a controversial policy in place that bans pregnant teens from attending.
The school is saying that they reserve the right to force students to take pregnancy tests, and kick them out if they test positive.
65 Michigan Students Suspended For Riding Bikes To School [Video]
The principal at a Walker, MI high school suspended about 65 students for riding their bikes to school.
It was their last day of school, senior year, and they rode from a fitness center to the school. They were escorted by police, and the mayor even had donuts with them. Parents lined up on the 3-mil…
Teacher Suspended For Threatening Student Over Obama Comments [Video]
A high school teacher in North Carolina was suspended after a video of her threatening a student in her classroom went viral.
The woman teaches Social Studies. She was heard on the video telling a student that he could get arrested for being critical of President Obama and that people were arrested f…
Cheating Is A Part Of School For Some Teens
A new survey shows that most parents might not want to know the truth about cheating in high school.
Cheating is nothing new in schools, but it seems that recently it's taken a turn for the worse.
Beyonce Makes A Surprise Appearance At School [Video]
Beyonce shows up at a Harlem school to show these kids how to dance. I would freak the hell out if Beyonce came to my school especially if she started to dance right next to me! I would have been crying and doing the 2 step all at the . I love this, it goes to show you no matter how big you get you …
Snoop Dogg And Wiz Shoot A New Movie?
Yeah when I read this I thought of Red and Method Man "How High", but it's going to be called "High School". I'm thinking it's a play on wors, because no offense, but I can't see Snoop passing any classes in High School now!! The film will star…

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