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Issa-Santa Clause In the Hood
One of the things I like about the Christmas holiday are all of the Christmas songs, the remakes and the originals. This new holiday song by Issa, easily shoots up to the top of my Christmas songs list.
Lady Gaga Talks About Hip Hop’s Influence In Her Music [Video]
There are two types of people in this world, ones that love Lady Gaga and ones who don't. Whether you love the Pop icon or not, you kinda have to respect what she does as an artist. Gaga is a genius when it comes to anything music, from performing to composing she does everything top notch.
Gaga is a…
Hopsin – “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4″[Video]
Compare Hopsin to an Old school Eminem that sounds a little like Pusha T sped up.  Have you ever accidentally ran across someone that's pretty dope? Well I did with this kid and I will say he had me laughing with his lyrics.
What I like about this kid is that he's not afraid be to silly as hell. I'm …
Chris Brown ‘Real Hip Hop #3 And #4′ with 9th Wonder [Video]
Chris Brown has officially completed his trip down the comeback trail.  After recording the biggest audience ever on his Today Show concert performance, it will be hard to dispute that he's back.
With the future looking so good for Breezy, some people are wondering why he is trying to rap again.
This …
Drunk Grandma At Hip Hop Pool Party [VIDEO]
The title pretty much sums it up...it's a drunk Grandma at a Hip Hop Pool Party and she's trying to get bust with the two guys rapping! No this is not my grandma nor is she related to me in any way. Just because she's white and acting like a fool doesn't mean we are related LOL W…
Daichi Probably The Best Beatboxer You Don’t Know [Video]
Daichi is submitting his video to enter the Beatbox battle wildcard. What is it you say? Well from the very very very accurate information that I have gathered, It's seems to be an underground Beatbox competition to the death. Two competitors enter only one leaves, and Daichi has never lost. I hear …

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