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The Redneck Waterslide – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
I assume it's just as hard growing up in the south as it is here in Michigan. Sometimes you need to make due with what you have. So why not throw that dirty tarp on the roof, oil it up and slide into you $40 Wal-Mart pool? Yeeehaw!
Sickest Ride Ever – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
I have no idea what city this is in, but if I had to guess I would have said Flint. This is something you see on a nice summer afternoon rolling down Saginaw Street. Hey I'm not knocking the dude, he's saving money on gas...tractors get great gas mileage!
Happy Hump Day – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
Umm...Happy Holidays? I really hope this is the card they sent out to family and friends, because it is the funniest **it I've ever seen. **WARNING** if you have small dogs, this pic may not be for them!
Is This The Perfect Woman? – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
Some may call her the 'Perfect Woman' I say she is just multi-tasking! Not sure why a stripper would need to iron clothes at work? Maybe she is in one of those strong man competitions, but with strippers and they need to see how man household chores they can do while on the pole?

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