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Crappiest Tattoo Ever – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
A tattoo artist in Dayton, OH is being sued after inking his ex-girlfriend’s back with what looks like a big pile of poo. She claims he took advantage of her and has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against him. LOL would you be pissed?
Re-Name This Photo – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
I'll leave this one up to you guys tonight. Leave a comment with your best caption and I'll hook the winner up with a digital download of your choice. Make sure to leave your comment at the bottom of the page!
Bacon Flavored Lube – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
Anyone down for some Bacon Lube?
You've always been a lover of bacon. Well, now you can be a bacon lover with baconlube, the world's first bacon-flavored massage oil and personal lubricant. No more horrifying bedroom experiments with bacon grease or 3rd degree skillet ma…

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