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Strawberry Milk Pepsi? – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
Here comes Pepsi Pink, a strawberry-milk flavored pop. The new Pepsi drink is being rolled out in Japan on November 8th and according to Pepsi, the new Pepsi Pink is “bursting with the rich aroma and refreshing taste of strawberry milk”.
No word on whether it will be released around the g…
Pay Your Child Support – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
I'm all for clothing and accessories with a statement! These might be even better than Diddy's 'Vote or Die' shirts. If you wanna send a message to your man, you definitely better grab these sweet 'Pay Your Child Support' earrings.
Dang Girl Nice Ride – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
I thought this was illegal? Any time I've tried to walk through the drive-thru, they always tell me I can't be served? They must not enforce this law at Pizza Hut. Check out the hottie in the red flowered dress grabbing a $5 any pizza on her hover round!

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