Eminem High in His ESPN Interview? [Video]
Eminem is back in the scene promoting his upcoming album the MMLP2 and plays his new track Berzerk but during his interview Em was looking pretty strange, kinda like he was high on something.
In the video he claims he doesn't like live interviews,but I don't know. This interview is just all…
Rittz Spits Live Freestyle On Club937 with B-Ray [Audio]
Rittz is Strange Music's new heavy hitter right now and he stepped into the studio with me  just before our annual Car& Bike show and I just happen to talk him into spitting a freestyle.
It was the best decision I've made this year. check it out!
Lupe Fiasco Breaks Down In Interview With Sway [Video]
Lupe Fiasco breaks down in an interview with Sway after they take a look at his life 6 years ago.
This interview showed me a new side of Lupe and how genuine he really is about his music and intentions on supporting his neighborhood.
Trey Songz Announces ‘Chapter V’ Release Date With Ian [Audio]
Last night I had Trey Songz on the show and he gave us an exclusive release date for his upcoming album 'Chapter V'. You can expect the next album to drop in August on the 21st. But besides just talking about his music, I wanted to have a little fun with Mr. YUUUPPP.
Check out the full inte…
Bei Maejor Interview [Video]
We interviewed Bei Major before he hits the stage for the Next Up concert. If you missed the concert and the interview then your in luck! We've got photos and video of the whole event!
Next time just try not to miss out...
Three Things To Make The Interviewer Remember You
Have you ever left an interview thinking that you completely nailed it, but never got a call back?
It probably has nothing to do with how well you interviewed, it was probably because you were simply forgotten.
With so many people looking for work, it's important to make yourself memorable. …
Cassie Talks Yahtzee, Movies and Dating With Ian [Audio]
Last night I had the chance to catch up with the beautiful Cassie on Night Club 9-3-7. She seemed to forget that we once dated in High School, but other than that it was all good.
See what she likes to do on her down time and what she has planned for her next album in the interview below.

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