iPhone Case Now Serves as a Dangerous Pepper Spray Weapon
A iPhone case now serves as a dangerous pepper spray weapon. Before you think about attacking or robbing someone please check to see if they have a iPhone.  Now Apple iPhone users can protect themselves with pepper spray due to a new case.
Meet the Weirdest iPhone 5 Fan Out There
Do you ever wonder why some folks will actually wait in line for days for the release of a new product, mainly Apple's iPhone 5? Well, Youtube interview Sam Roberts got to the bottom of at least why one woman had camped out two days for the iPhone, and her reasoning will probably make…
iPhone 5 Spoof Points Out Phone’s Many Shortcomings
The new iPhone 5 looks great, but we did have concerns about "scroll fatigue" and not being able to take one of those snazzy panoramic shots with just one click. That's why these guys came up with a phone that is nearly 800% taller than the original iPhone...
iPhone 5 Is Officially Announced By Apple
The iPhone 5 is officially here after months of rumors and speculation were put to rest by Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller.  So how different is it different from the last iPhone?  You'll be surprised.
There Is An Apple Product In Half Of American Homes
It's pretty common knowledge that every home has things like a toaster, microwave, toilet and an iPad?
Yes, an iPad!  Or at least some product made by Apple.  A new CNBC study showed that half of all US homes have at least one Apple product, with most having more.
Teacher Smashes Student’s iPhone For Texting In Class [Video]
Not sure if this is real or set up, but I can tell you this. If I was in class and the teacher smashed my iPhone with a sledge hammer...he wouldn't be my teacher anymore. The professor has a strict 'No Texting' policy and evidently this kid broke the rules.
Check out the video below an…
iPhone Records Grandma Shooting Her Son-In-Law NSFW [Video]
A Florida man felt he was going to have a “confrontation” when he went to pick up his son at his mother-in-law’s house, so he turned on his iPhone’s video camera to record what happened next. When the man went to get this three-year-old child, his 66-year-old mother-in-law shot him in the shoulder…
iPhone Explodes on Australian Flight, Android Users Gloat [PHOTO]
While many call the Apple iPhone one of the hottest gadgets ever, this probably isn’t what they had in mind.
Shortly after a Regional Express flight landed in Sydney, Australia on Friday, a passenger’s iPhone began “emitting a significant amount of dense smoke” accompanied by an eerie red glow. Accor…
iPhone 4 – Personalized Siri [Video]
So not even a few weeks into the new iPhone 4s and they are already coming up with a personalized Siri? This is what Steve Jobs would have wanted. Funny or Die came up with the best idea yet, have a personal assistant 'Siri' who fits your life style.
Check out the prototypes below.
Funny Or Die – Never Before Seen Phone Commercial [Video]
The new iPhone 5 is coming out very soon and Funny or Die had some fun at the expense of Apple. Not sure if you've ever seen the AT&T commercial where the wife calls her husband at work and asks him if he remembered to do a whole list of stuff, and he does it while talking to her. The o…

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