T.I. And Tiny Get Naughty In The Slammer
T.I. was caught by prison officials this weekend in Arkansas getting "frisky" with his wife during visiting hours.
T.I.'s wife Tiny admits the two were in a room together during regular visiting hours at Arkansas State Prison when Tiny grabbed a hold of the rapper's shorty…
Gucci’s In All White . . . Coats?
Gucci is definitely no stranger to run ins with the law, but some people were shocked when his lawyer asked that he be treated as mentally incompetent.  Read below why this might not be as crazy as it sounds.
Gucci Mane Free…For Now
Gucci Mane was freed from jail after getting arrested last week over prostitution charges. Remember just a few months ago Gucci was pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road, but somehow escaped both charges...read more to see what happened!
TI Comes Clean About LA Arrest
TI broke his silence on his drug possession arrest in LA that landed him behind bars on  an 11 month sentence. I feel like TI is the type of rapper that can keep messing up and I'll still love him! See what he had to say in a pre-jail interview on his local ATL station.
DMX Is Kinda Crazy
DMX said he got sent back to jail in Arizona over a swig of booze. Do you really believe that??? See what X had to say after the jump.
Is T.I. Going To Jail Or Not???
(AllHipHop News) The drug case against T.I. that has sent him back to federal prison has been dropped by the L.A. County District Attorney.
The rap star was recently sentenced to 11 months in federal prison, after police stopped him for making an illegal U-turn on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on S…