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‘Jersey Shore’ Want’s To Phase Out The Situation And Snooki
Producers for "Jersey Shore" want to phase out The Situation and Snooki. Sources say the producers are worried the show will lose its sex-crazed alcohol-fueled edge now that the two are getting sober.
Producers are said to be "looking for new talent" to help keep t…
Snooki Is Drinking For Two – Reportedly Pregnant
Sources say 'Jersey Shore' guidette Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi is pregnant, even though she's denied reports.
The 24-year-old is carrying her first child by boyfriend Jionni LaValle, and is roughly three months along.
New Study Shows How ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Actually Harming Society
Many haters of ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘Teen Mom 2,’ ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Real World’ have always somewhat jokingly said these shows are harming society. Turns out they might be right, at least when young ladies are concerned. A study released on Wednesday by The Parents Television Council (PTC) shows tha…
JWoww And ‘The Girls’ Cover Maxim [Video]
The new season of Jersey Shore starts Jan. 5th and one star, JWoww hit the cover of Maxim Magazine for January and it really doesn't matter how annoying she or the show is, SHE'S HOT! When asked what's the most important thing to remember when you get into a fight, she replied, "Pull your hair …
‘Jersey Shore’ Is Fake, And We Can Prove It [Video]
Nobody needs proof to know that 'Jersey Shore' is a scripted reality show.
The only question that still really gets to me is, why do all these people still watch it?!
One thing that is amazing though, is how lazy the 'Jersey Shore' producers are about hiding the shows fakery. …

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