Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Asks What Does ‘Yolo’ Mean? [Video]
I'm not a big watcher of talk shows, every now and then I do like to catch Jay Leno, Conan, and lately Jimmy Kimmel.
Jay Leno's 'Jay Walking' has to be one of my all time favorite segments.
If you do not know what 'Jay Walking' is, that's when he goes around and asks…
Jimmy Kimmel puts Starbucks $7 Coffee on Blast [Video]
Jimmy Kimmel finds out that Starbucks has a new blend of coffee and are charging people $7 a cup! So Jimmy decides to have a little experiment.
Would you pay $7 for a cup of coffee? I think this is the dumbest/smartest move Starbucks has done so far. Think about it. If people are willing to pay up to…

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