Katt Williams

Katt Williams Apologizes to Kevin Hart Then Disses Chris Rock [Video]
It seems like over the last two or three days I have been reporting non-stop about comedian Katt Williams. I know I really don't have to but the incidents he has been involved in and the way he has been acting you just can not make this stuff up. I seriously think Williams is into hard drugs, a…
Katt Williams Explains Going to Jail [Video]
It seems to me that over the last couple of years former funny comedian Katt Williams has been on a downward spiral. Well it looks like this past week he went further down that rabbit hole by taking a shot at fellow comedian Kevin Hart during a comedy special then landing himself in jail the next da…
Katt Williams Talks About Suge Knight Being Shot [Video]
Kat Williams iss a very funny comedian but sometimes he can be off his rocker to say the least.
The night before the MTV Video Music Awards Suge Knight was shot and apparently Katt Williams was with Suge at the time, and was an eye witness.
Katt Williams Attacks Audience Member With Mic [Video]
During a live show Katt Williams walks off stage into his crowd and hits an audience member with his microphone!
Just last week Katt slapped a Target employee and announced his retirement after being being kicked out of a hotel. Since then he has came out of retirement and is back putting his hands o…

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