Katy Perry

Lady Gaga + Katy Perry Scenes Cut From Muppets Movie
Lady Gaga and Katy Perry reportedly had their scenes in ‘The Muppets’ cut. Combining Gaga and Perry with alpha female Muppet Miss Piggy would have been too much diva for one film. The multiplex would have spontaneously combusted, so maybe slashing their supposed scenes was a good idea.
Katy Perry to Take a Year Off From Music to Start Family
Katy Perry is at the top of her game right now and is one of the most beloved females in the pop music fiefdom. While conventional wisdom might dictate that Perry should continue to strike while the iron is blazing hot, the singer is actually planning to take a step away from her music career in ord…
Katy Perry Releases ‘E.T.’ Music Video — Watch It Now [VIDEO]
Katy Perry is giving Lady Gaga a run for her money in the world of epic music videos.
This week, the super-popular artist released the official video for her new single 'E.T.,' a literally out-of-this-world production that features everything from aliens, to elaborate costumes to an appearance by fea…
Katy Perry And Kanye New Hottness!!

Katy Perry and Kanye West....really? Katy is dropping her next single off "teenage Dream" and the remix is set to be the official single! The record is call "E.T" and Kanye is said to also make a cameo appearance in the video as well...check out the new fire on the Sunday Spotlig…
Grammy Clothes Are Weird
An egg and spikes on your shoulders had better not become a fashion trend.  Here are some of the looks from last nights Grammy Awards.
Katy Brand To Be!
It seems there will be no luck for the males that love Katy Perry, and no luck for you ladies who love Russell Brand (no idea why you would). It seems as though they will be getting married in India this weekend.