Kids That Are In Shape Make Better Grades
Remember how much gym class sucked in Middle School?  All of the pushups, sit-ups and running in the middle of the day seemed like they had no purpose.  Now it looks like our gym teachers actually knew what they were talking about!
Things Kids Should Never Be Good At
Today I woke in deep thought about things kids should never be good at.  I don’t know why I was pondering so hard on this subject but it happened.  On my way into work I decided to share this weird moment with you.
Mom Encourages Toddlers To Fight And Posts It To Facebook [Video]
A mom in St Louis is in some hot water for posting a video on her Facebook page where she encourages three-year-olds to fight.
In the video the toddlers are seen fighting and screaming while their mom eggs them on.
She shouts, "Got some action!" and "Y'all better ball u…
Do You Think Kids Under 13 Should Be Allowed On Facebook?
Facebook is testing technology to bring pre-teens to the social network, but a lot of people aren't fans of the idea.
Most people will say that kids younger than 13 are sneaking on the site anyway, so Facebook is developing a plan to allow them to use the site.

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