Do You Think Kids Under 13 Should Be Allowed On Facebook?
Facebook is testing technology to bring pre-teens to the social network, but a lot of people aren't fans of the idea.
Most people will say that kids younger than 13 are sneaking on the site anyway, so Facebook is developing a plan to allow them to use the site.
The Cutest Dance Recital Fight You Will Ever See [Video]
If you've ever seen the movie 'Black Swan' then you know that the world of dance can be a very competitive, cut throat industry.
These two year old dancing princesses know what's on the line for their future, and things get a little out of hand on stage!
How To Wake Up A Sleeping Kid [Video]
Now I'm not a parent but I do understand that sometimes you wanna keep your kid up and this is the perfect way to wake them up, and the most awesome way.
If this kid doesn't become a drummer in the future then I have no faith in Mankind.
Woman Keeps A Ball From A Little Kid During A Rangers Game [Video]
When a player tosses a ball into the crowd at a baseball game it's pretty much a free for all unless there is a little kid involved.
Someone needed to tell that to the couple at last nights Rangers game after they caught a ball intended for a little kid in the stands.  They not only kept the ball, bu…
‘Planet Earth’ If It Was Narrated By Kids [Video]
The ground breaking series from BBCAmerica, 'Planet Earth'  made it's debut yesterday and will continue over the next four weeks.
The video and images are some of the first times that anyone has ever seen the events in their natural habitat.  You would think that with footage…
Tossing Toddlers Might Not Be A Good Idea [Video]
Not sure why the 'Tossing Toddlers' video is now blowing up on YouTube? It came out back in 2007 and let's keep it real... we've all done stupid stuff as kids. Granted this one is on the father, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Do you?
Check out the video below and see…
Little Kids Get Scared By The Purple Panda [Video]
A visit by Mr. McFeely and Purple Panda of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood doesn't go so well with the kids at Pennsylvania's Center in the Woods. We have all had this happen to us growing up, you go see Santa or the Easter bunny and are scared crazy.
Watch how these young kids react to the …
8 Year Old Smokes 25 Cigarettes A Day [Video]
It amazes me what kids can get away with in other countries. Eight-year-old Adi Ilham from Sukabuma, Indonesia has dropped out of school due to his smoking habit. He also drinks coffee and gets very upset when his mother won't let him do either.
Check out the video below and the report by Sam D…

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