B-Ray’s Knockout of The Week: Kiddie Knockout’s [Video]
This week is dedicated to all you spoiled brats out there! These video's are for every time you've tried to go to sleep and your kid woke you up in the middle of the night.
This is for every time you go out to the mall and your hard headed kid starts to cry because they can't get the New Justin Biebe…
B-Ray’s Knockout Of The Week: Girl Power [Video]
Fellas think twice before talking any trash with these ladies. Not only will they win the conversation but now they'll whoop that ass in a fight! Guy's just be careful, behind that beautiful smile is a cold blooded killer with a mean right cross..
B-Ray’s Knockout of the week: Strong Pimp Hand [Video]
Two guys are at a gas station and one guy doesn't like what the other guy is saying. So what happens? A strong dose of his pimp hand that's what! It may be hard to knock someone out with a closed fist but try slapping someone unconscious.... takes a lot of years in the pimp game to master.…
B-Ray’s Knockout of the Week: Broken Face [Video]
Knockout of the week comes from a Muay Thai match. The National past time in Thailand. Muay Thai is a very brutal sport that allows 8 options for striking. Which includes Knees,Feet,Elbows,and Fist for a deadly recipe for combat..
B-Ray’s Top 5 MMA Knockouts [Video]
Top 5 MMA knockouts of all time, damn this one is gonna be hard. I'm like a kid in a candy store! Ughh I don't if I can take the pressure! There's so many to choose from! well I'm gonna do my best to narrow it down from recent fights. Starting from 5 and counting my way down to m…