Kung Fu

The Man With The Iron Fists [Movie Trailer]
RZA with help from Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth will make his directorial debut with "The Man With The Iron Fist".
Not only is RZA directing the film he's starring in it and wrote it. The film is set in 19th century china and has a bunch of over the top Kung Fu in it. I would…
Customer Stops A Robbery With Some Sweet Kung Fu Fighting [Video]
A quick thinking 7-11 customer in Orlando saved the day by kicking a knife out of a robber's hand and chasing him from the store.
The crook waltzed in with a white bandana covering his face, whipped out a knife, and demanded cash. As soon as he did, the customer stepped back and grabbed a wine b…
The Ultimate Kung Fu Fail Compilation [Video]
There is a scene in the movie 'Bloodsport' where Jean Claude Van-Damme breaks a brick and the entire room is impressed.  Except for one man who says, "Very good, but brick no hit back!"
He has obviously never watched the video below.
Kung Fu Master Vs Cops [Video]
The Cops try and put up a fight against this deadly Kung Fu Master to only come up short.  We all know that guns or pepper paint balls don't work against Kung Fu. Nothing works against Kung Fu!
The funny part is that the grand master almost got away! In my opinion he should have used the deadly Shado…