Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga to Launch Her Own Brand of Bottled Water
Move over 50 Cent! You may have invested in VitaminWater and reportedly netted $100 million when Coca Cola bought the beverage brand, but someone else is taking an interest in beverages... er water. Lady Gaga is looking to enter the celebrity beverage sweepstakes with her own brand of bottled w…
Lady Gaga Brings S+M to Italian Vanity Fair
Lady Gaga is featured in Italian Vanity Fair, no doubt a special spread for her since she is proudly of Italian heritage. The Mother Monster goes S+M in one of the photos, showing off her dominatrix side in a studded, strapped leather bra with a neck harness.
Lady Gaga Vomits On Stage Three Times and Keeps Dancing! [Video]
Lady Gaga was on stage in Barcelona and threw up on stage three times in front a live crowd.  First Justin Bieber now Lady Gaga. I sincerely hope this isn't becoming a growing trend.
You gotta give it to Lady Gaga. She's one tough lady. She stayed on stage after throwing up three times…
Lady Gaga’s Label Tells Her to Lose Weight
Lady Gaga's recent weight gain is quite a hot topic. The singer, who's been seen with a fuller, curvier figure, admitted to packing on 25 pounds due to her dad's Italian cooking. Now there are reports that her label Interscope has told her to drop the excess baggage.

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