Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Channels Drugs + Disney Princesses for ‘ARTPOP’
Not much concrete or confirmed info is known about Lady Gaga‘s forthcoming new album other than it’s called ‘ARTPOP‘ and that it may include a song called ‘Princess Die.’ Oh, and it’ll lack the maturity that defined ‘Born This Way.’ So we do know some stuff.
However, Gaga and her makeup artist Tara …
Lady Gaga Fame Billboard Dominates Times Square
We always knew Lady Gaga was larger-than-life in a metaphorical sense. But she is literally just that in the towering billboard for her upcoming Fame fragrance, which utterly dominates Times Square. The billboard, which is the same image as the first print ad, featuring a naked Gaga being scaled by …
Lady Gaga Vomits Mid-Performance
Smack dab in the middle of Furgate, that controversy magnet Lady Gaga resumed wearing meat, fashioning a corset-like outfit out of what looked like a slab of beef. It’s a familiar, uh, fabric, for Mother Monster. She rocked the attire onstage in Bucharest, Romania last week. Maybe the meat wen…
Lady Gaga’s Bodyguard Beats An Old Fan [Video]
Lady Gaga was walking through a hotel lobby in Romania yesterday when she was approached by an old man wanting an autograph. Her body guards did not want him to get an autograph. They DID want to push him down and beat the crap out of him though.
Lady Gaga to Appear on Kendrick Lamar Song ‘Partynauseous’
Lady Gaga doesn’t do too many collabos, so when she does, it certainly grabs our attention. Like that false story about her working with Eminem.
The Mother Monster confirmed via her massively followed Twitter account and her fledgling Little Monsters site that she is indeed appearing on a track…
Lady Gaga Offers Fabulous Manicure Tips in V
Lady Gaga is known for putting her paws and her claws up, sporting sharpened-to-a-dagger-like-point manis. Pointy nails are the new square, and all the cool gals (Rihanna, Beyonce, Lana) are doing it, but few do it like Mother Monster.

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