look at me now

Chris Brown And Justin Bieber Concert Remix [VIDEO]
Last night in Sydney, Aus Justin Bieber (my favorite) surprised fans and brought out Chris Brown and preformed "Look At Me Now". After Breezy did his verse Bieber "Tried" to rap Busta's part which we all knew probably wouldn't go well! Just before CB is …
Dancing Rollerblader Is Getting Paper [Video]
Dancing and Rollerblading are two very acceptable activities when done separately.  When a slightly overweight, middle aged man decides to combine the two with the help of Chris Brown, it's no longer acceptable . . . . IT'S AWESOME.
Karmin Covers Chris Brown ‘Look at Me Now’ [VIDEO]
You may have never heard of Karmin, I didn't until I found this video of them covering Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now.' Karmin is a male/female duet comprised of Amy and Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan that performs cover songs trying to keep them simple. In their latest cover song Amy does her best Li…