LV Wants to Know “What are Your Grail Sneakers?”
Earlier this week LV shot a video asking a simple question, "What are your grail sneakers?"  Everyone in the sneaker culture has that one pair they are in loved with and want to rock again.  Find out which pair LV says is his grails.
Ladies, Do You Find a Bald Head Attractive?
This week I made a major change in my appearance by going to the barber and taking hair off my head. I have thought about doing this for several months now and really just went for it.  I suffered from having a hairline similar to LeBron James and my hair not fully grown back like it use to.&nb…
LV is Eating Healthier in 2013 and You Should Join Him
LV is eating healthier in 2013 and you should join him.  Last night I stopped by Kroger and grabbed a few groceries to assist in my healthy eating.  So many of us have joined gyms, made New Years resolutions, and promised to get healthier.  I am no different than you but think we shou…
Big Brothers Big Sisters 33rd Annual Bowling Challenge [Pictures]
Clay, Ian, B-Ray , LV and Ricky Burns show up for the 33rd Annual Bowling challenge to show this young kids how to bowl.
Even though we suck at bowling we all had a good time. You'll see more of the Town Square Media staff in these photo's. Including staff members from Cars 108 and Banana 1…
See How We Spend Our Lunch Break At Club 93.7 [Video]
For the first time ever I will take you behind the scenes at Club 93.7 to see what it is we do on our lunch break every day. Check out Clay and LV carrying on the lunch break tradition of 'Rock em Sock em Robots'. We have a tournament's daily and no one has ever beat Clay.
Red Cafe Live In The Studio [Video]
Red Cafe stopped by Club 93.7 the other day to talk with LV and we happened to have the camera rolling. Cafe sat down on the 2-6 Fix to talk about his hit single 'Fly Together' with Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross. Also about when you can expect his new album to drop and more. Check out the full…