Lyric Da Queen

Flint’s Own Lyric Da Queen ‘HYFR’ Freestyle [Video]
Lyric Da Queen rips another Freestyle, this time out Drake's 'HYFR'. This isn't the first video Lyric has done and I'm pretty confident that it won't be the last. If you haven't heard the Flint MC before, check out her YouTube page.
Not only does Fli City have some very talented up and coming artist,…
Lyric Da Queen ‘The Motto’ Freestyle [Video]
Umm...I really don't have anything to say. My girl Lyric Da Queen rips another Freestyle, this time it's over the Drake & Lil Wayne track 'The Motto'. Just watch it, then you will realize why I don't have much to say! FIRE!!!
Lyric Da Queen ‘Paris’ Freestyle NSFW [Video]
Flint is really turning out the artist these days. Lyric Da Queen is probably the best female MC I've ever heard come out of Fli City (no disrespect to any other ladies) but she murders 2 tracks from Jay Z & Kanye. First Otis, now Paris...check out both freestyles below!