Magic Johnson

ESPN Will Air Magic Johnson HIV Documentary In March [Video]
More than 20 years after Magic Johnson held a press conference to announce he was HIV-positive, ESPN is revisiting that significant moment in a documentary, "The Announcement", scheduled to air March 11 on the sports channel.
Magic stunned L.A. Lakers fans and the world beyond in…
20 Years Ago Today Magic Johnson Announced He Was HIV Positive [Video]
Twenty years today, Magic Johnson told the world that he was HIV-positive. Do you remember where you were when this press conference went down? I was 7 years old sitting in my living room with the whole family watching.
Not only has he survived, the former Laker guard has become a major face in the f…
Magic Johnson Calls Out LeBron James [Video]
Michigan State alum and NBA legend Magic Johnson took some shots at LeBron James over the weekend while doing a speech at the University of Albany. Magic said:
"There's going to always be guys who win championships in the NBA — except LeBron."
Magic then said: “Everybody's always asking, 'Wh…