Bill Maher Smokes Weed on Real Time [Video,NSFW]
The talk of legalizing marijuana has been louder and louder year by year. With the 2016 election coming up, I don't see how politicians can ignore this giant elephant in the room. It is legal in about 4 states and in some states like Michigan it is legal only for medical purposes.
Smoking Weed Is the Best Way to Avoid a Hangover on New Years
The best way to salvage what is left of your liver and avoid a dastardly hangover this New Year’s Eve is to skip the hard liquor and smoke weed instead.
Marijuana, while illegal for recreational consumption in the state of Michigan, is considered by some medical professionals an effective subst…
Will We See a Marijuana Breathalyzer in Michigan?
As states like Michigan move to legalize a full-scale recreational marijuana market, there is some pressure from the top for the creation of an accurate roadside test to determine if a motorist is driving stoned or simply showing traces of THC from previous consumption...
MILegalize Is Hiring for the Holiday Season
There is an interesting opportunity available this holiday season for Michiganders needing to make some extra cash – and it beats working retail!
MiLegalize, the group working to end pot prohibition across the state in 2016, is currently searching for individuals to collect signatures for their…

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