Michael Jackson

Flint’s Favorite Michael Jackson Song Is…
Today is Michael Jackson's birthday and I can never make up my mind on my favorite MJ song. When I sat back this morning thinking of the all time favorite MJ song, I could not come to a final answer. So I need your help.
Michael Jackson Vs Elvis Presley – Epic Rap Battles
Michael Jackson battles Elvis Presley in this episode of ERB (Epic Rap Battles). It's the battle of kings! Michael Vs. Elvis you couldn't ask for a better match up.
Personally I think it could go either way if it was just a back and forth debate on who was greater. Both Michael and Elvis changed the …
The Smooth Criminal: Wedding Dance [Video]
Jeff and Cara Loehrke perform a "Smooth Criminal"-inspired first dance at their wedding reception back in July. The bridal party practiced this Michael Jackson dance only via web, and rehearsed together in person the night before the wedding.
Check out there sick moves below.

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