Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ [Kid Version]
Michael Jackson is and will probably be the most popular artist ever or at least in our lifetime, the only other artist(s) I can think of are the Beetles (sorry Jay-Z and Beyonce].
Imitation is the best form of flattery and Michael Jackson is imitated a lot.
How to Get Inspired at Your Job Anytime
Feeling gloomy? Maybe a little down in the dumps? Has your job completely sucked away your will to live? Here's a quick pick-me-up that should make you feel better in just under four minutes, and it's so simple. The first thing you have to do is play this video (trust us)...
Flint’s Favorite Michael Jackson Song Is…
Today is Michael Jackson's birthday and I can never make up my mind on my favorite MJ song. When I sat back this morning thinking of the all time favorite MJ song, I could not come to a final answer. So I need your help.

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