Mitt Romney

Barack Obama Beats Mitt Romney in a Game of PIG
President Barack Obama beats Mitt Romney in a game of PIG on the basketball court.  We all know Pres. Obama loves to play a game of basketball every now and again but who knew Mitt Romney played.  In the video below, Romney loses to Obama on the hoop court.
Mitt Romney VS The Drug Cartels (NSFW) [Video]
Mitt Romney takes on the Drug Cartel in a 7 part documentary series on Vice.
So what does Mitt Romney and the Drug Cartels have in common? Well let's just say Romney's family has had a few run-ins with the Drug cartel and from the looks of it, they didn't come over for cookies and milk…
Mitt Romney – Bad Lip Reading Soundbite [Video]
Ever wondered what Mitt Romney was really trying to say? Well the guy's over at BLR decipher Mitt Romney's secret messages in his words and reveal them to the world!
Well not really, it's more like some guy's dubbed over a couple of Mitt's speeches and made him sound silly. W…
Most Of The Presidential Campaign Money Is Wasted
According to bipartisan sources, 80% of all campaign money is completely wasted.
Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are raising unprecedented amounts of money for their presidential campaigns, and most of it won't matter at all according to a pair of strategists.