Don’t Do Drugs: Man Flips Out in Front of KFC High on Drugs [Video]
A man is caught having a bad reaction to taking some drugs in front of a KFC. Like a really really bad reaction!
In the video you hear the cameraman saying that the guy took a molly and that's whats causing his ridiculous behavior. I can't say what this guy is on, but kids just stay away fr…
Kendrick Lamar Speaks out Against Molly [Video]
Kendrick Lamar feels like the usage of molly in Hip-Hop is starting to get old and is doing more damage than any good. Not just from the aspect that doing molly is really bad for you, but that it's actually starting to water down Hip-Hop.
In other words, the molly trend is dead, can we talk abou…
Guy Having a Crazy Trip High on Molly
Molly is the brand new drug on the street and this guy either took to much or not enough, either way I don't like the results.
Now I personally think taking molly is dangerous and should be avoided at all times. Just because it's in a lot of rap songs doesn't mean it's safe to ing…