Mom Boards Bus and Slaps Around the Bullies Teasing her Daughter [Video]
A New Jersey mom boards a school bus after realizing her daughter was being bullied by some kids and allegedly slapped the kid around!
Good! These kids need to be taught a lesson! The New Jersey mom is now being faced with charges (well duh) which include, criminal assault, criminal trespassing, and …
Mom Caught Sleep Walking [Video]
A guy decided to do the only thing you should do when you find your Mom sleep walking around the kitchen, record it.
This video hasn't been out a week yet and it already has over 2 million views! Maybe Club937 needs to record some of it's jocks sleep walking.
Mother Makes Daughter Fall Out Of Walmart Shopping Cart [Video]
The video shows a mom in Walmart intentionally jerking her cart so that her daughter falls out backwards on to the floor.
Concerned customers came over to the area after the mom could be heard screaming at her daughter for around 10 minutes throughout the entire store.
Mom Encourages Toddlers To Fight And Posts It To Facebook [Video]
A mom in St Louis is in some hot water for posting a video on her Facebook page where she encourages three-year-olds to fight.
In the video the toddlers are seen fighting and screaming while their mom eggs them on.
She shouts, "Got some action!" and "Y'all better ball u…
Parents Fight At A Preschool Graduation [Video]
Preschool graduation should be a fairly simple event, but the video below shows mothers throwing punches and cussing during the graduation ceremony.
Why were the women fighting?  It was over a cap and gown that had to be shared between kids.
Hockey Mom Gets On The Ice To Break Up Fights [Video]
The one thing that parents will never fully grasp is that youth sports are primarily meant for the kids.
The best thing a parent can do at any youth sporting event is watch and cheer . . . or run out onto the ice to give everyone a piece of their mind.  It's definitely one of those two thou…
Will Sons Or Daughters Spend More On Mom For Mothers Day?
Mothers Day is just around the corner, so that means that sons and daughters everywhere are scrambling to buy for their moms.
If money spent on a gift equaled love, then there would be a very clear answer as to who loved moms more.  Two separate surveys show that sons are much bigger spenders on…
Tanning Mom, Patricia Krentcil, Denies Charges And Gets A Meme [Video]
Patricia Krentcil is accused of taking her six year old daughter into a tanning bed, resulting in a burn.  She is also accused of being a leather handbag, mostly by me, but she denies both charges.
The Internet wasted no time making her into the next best Meme.  Check out some of the funny …

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